London is Calling: Sweets and Ethnic Treats

9:00 AM

France, Italy, Spain--these are all countries that you expect to eat well in.  England? Eh, not so much. I like fish n' chips just as much as the next person; the best part of the Lenten season was dining at least once at the local, swanked out Long John Silvers. But 7 days of fish n' chips does not make for a stellar vacation.  With the dollar to pound ratio not in my favor as well, I thought I was going to subsist on Marks and Spencers ready-to-eat sandwiches.

You know that wonderful aspect of vacations where you don't to go into work and have the choice to do whatever you want with you time? I took full advantage of this by staying up late and outlining my meals for the next day with the help oh Yelp. I'm definitely one for foodie tourism, bypassing Buckingham Palace for a trip to Brick Lane (does anyone else find the Whitechapel tube station daunting and scary?).

Tenderly sweet scones were had, topped with clotted cream and preserves.  I had long heard about Hummingbird Bakery, having made some cupcakes from the sweet shop's cookbook.  The actual bakeshop in Notting Hill did not disappoint and was as trendy as the rest of the neighborhood.  It's a great spot for a first date or catching up with friends. I left the bakery with a couple of treats in beautiful packaging.

I did try fish n' chips with mushy peas during my sojourn, but with the dearth of ethnic cuisine in Kansas City, I went on a binge of spicy foods.  Indian food was a no-brainer and lived up to expectations, especially this swanky restaurant near Covent Garden called Dishoom.  It's a great place to go before a show in the West End.  The Korean food completely surprised me.  It was actually cheap in London, which is so far from the menu prices found in Korean places in the Midwest.  I couldn't get enough of bibimbap.  I'm a sucker for fried egg.  Seoul Bakery is probably a favorite spot for students due to its low prices and decor.  The walls of the place were covered with Post-Its left by customers.  Don't let the exterior dissuade you from entering; it's a tiny place, seating maybe 10 people at the maximum, but it was thoroughly entertaining and delicious.  If you make it over to London, do yourself a favor and order the kimchi pancake at Bi Bim Bap.  My friend and I became converts.  Good dim sum is to be had at Joy King Lau.  Gosh, I'm going through soy sauce withdrawal just thinking about all of this food.

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