Closure with an Ex

10:00 AM

I had ice cream with my ex this past weekend.

While most people would never dream of spending a rare afternoon off with someone who had bruised their heart, our hour-long chat was the most productive I had been all day.

Despite having dated for only 2 months, I was hurt when things ended.  I am relatively new enough to the dating scene that I usually become invested quickly.  He was fun, I had fun hanging out with him.  Things came to an abrupt halt when he admitted that he wasn't quite over his ex-girlfriend.

Weeks came and went, but I spent every night thinking him and the what ifs. It didn't help that there was a lingering possibility of us, when and if he ever got over his girlfriend.

Then suddenly it stopped. I had a terribly disjointed dream one day, and then I woke up, void of any attachment to him.  It was as if my brain had finally worked out the puzzle of how to move on.

I approached our ice cream meeting with some foreboding, which was new for me.  I so looked forward to reading his e-mails, his texts, seeing him, even after we had decided to be friends.  Our conversation was nice, but none of the chemistry was there.  There were many awkward pauses.  We weren't on the same page.  And it couldn't have been more refreshing for me.  I had thought of him as the one that could have been, but our meeting gave me much closure.

Have you ever had your own great experience with closure?

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